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1. Mozyr is the city of regional submission, the center of Mozyr district of the Gomel region. It is located on the hilly area within Mozyr ridge. The city is 133 km to the west from Gomel and 320 km to the south from Minsk. The Pkhov port, the largest in Belarus, is located on the river Pripyat in the town. The population of Mozyr is about 110,7 thousand people. Mozyr occupies the territory of 3674 hectares.
2. Guriny. Here is situated agroestate "Kalinka", from Katya and Alinka, the children’s names of two colleagues who redeemed the rural club which was subject to demolition in 2009. But later rural tourism became business only of one family, the second didn’t sustain the rhythm in style "invest and control". But, nevertheless, the beautiful name of the estate remained, now it is very popular with those who prefer to note weddings, office parties, birthdays in the country. Agroestate Kalinka is in the village of Guriny, 6 km from Mozyr.
The estate "Pansky Sad" invites those who like to spend their spare time in an active and interesting way. The main advantages of the agroestate is the full range of services, high-quality service and successful arrangement, it is in the center of Palesse region. This part of Belarus is known not only for surprising nature, various fauna and flora, but also for unique customs of Belarusian culture which are carefully stored by locals.
 The agroestate reminds a mini hotel which is perfectly suitable for family rest, a weekend with friends or colleagues, office parties, business meetings.
 There is a small church, a big garden and picturesque lawns on the well-planned territory of the estate. The hotel is built in ancient rural style which offers a full relaxation and good rest. Here always reigns the atmosphere of cosiness and harmony. The hotel is three storied. The suite and semi suite are at the disposal of guests in which there are all modern conveniences of European class.
The qualified personnel will make your staying in the estate comfortable and unforgettable.
 There is a spacious conference room and a dance hall where it is possible to organize various festive events in "Pansky Sad".
In belorusian agroestate you will be offered not only outdoor recreation, but also various entertainments for active people:
*Fishing. The estate "Pansky Sad" is a dream land for fishermen. The river Pripyat is known not only among the Belarusian fishermen, but also among fishing fans from around the world. The agroestate provides boats and all necessary things for fishing. Escort of skilled instructors is possible. After successful fishing it is possible to cook a real fish soup directly on a fire.
* River trips on a boat and an excursion down the river Pripyat. The estate has its own boat that will allow you to make water tours and to admire beautiful natural landscapes.
* A real Russian bath. A visit to the bath will help you to restore physical and spiritual energy for a long time, to feel positive and to receive good mood.
* Riding horses. Communication with horses will please both adults and children.
* Excursions. One of the most popular tourist directions in Belarus is the ancient town of Mozyr which is rich in sights.
Having arrived at the estate "Pansky Sad" in Gomel region you present yourself and the relatives unforgettable impressions and bright emotions!
 Agroechoestate “Bobrenyata” is in the village of Bobrenyata in Mozyr district near the river Pripyat. Earlier it was a collective farm named after M.I. Kalinin.
The estate is located in picturesque Palesse. Unforgettable, fascinating local nature won't leave indifferent our guests. The fine landscape and originality will distract from vanity of the city.
There are five guest rooms, a hall, a kitchen-dining room with a fireplace in a one-storey house. About 16 people can settle down at the same time in the estate "Bobrenyata". Two verandahs are attached to the house, there is a barbeque nearby and footpaths are laid everywhere. There is an arbor, a small lodge with all conveniences are a pond on the territory of the estate. The most attractive object for guests is a bath and a verandah with a transparent roof round it.
Fishing fans will be able to enjoy fishing on the rivers Pripyat and Ubort.
We offer you a wonderful rest in a cozy place. You can take your friends and spend any holiday here. You will have unforgettable impressions and you will want to come back one day! Here everyone chooses rest to his taste.

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